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Analyse isoforms

Purification of EPO removes the major proportion of other proteins and can also concentrate your sample. Our purification tools can be used to purify EPO from different biological fluids, including DBS samples, as well as from cell culture media.

Quantification of the total amount of EPO can be done in some biological fluids directly or after purification. Our EPO Semi Quantification kit is in easy-to-use dipstick format.

Posttranslational modifications of a protein, such as glycosylation, can significantly impact its biological functions. Differences in the EPO isoform pattern may occur between EPO produced in different cell types, such as liver or kidney cells, between normal cells and tumour cells, or between human cells and cells from other species, such as many recombinant EPO variants. Our isoform test is built on a dipstick, combining affinity chromatography and EPO immuno assay.

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