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We are specialize in development and manufacturing kits for erythropoietin RESEARCH and ANALYSIS


Our products

EPO Purification

Kits for rapid immuno-affinity purification and concentration of erythropoietins from urine, serum, plasma, dried blood spots or cellculture medium.


EPO Analysis

 Isoform analysis tool for distinguishing between various endogenous and recombinant human erythropoietins and erythropoietin analogues.

EPO Collection

Customize dried blood spot collection kits such as pre-punched DBS collection filter, safety lances, on printed boxes or envelopes.


About Maiia AB

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Our technology has the ability to detect and resolve several types of post-translationally modified proteins.

We provide user-friendly kits for purification and concentration of EPO and its recombinant analogs, but also kits for determination of EPO isoform distributions.

The company is privately owned and was founded in 2007, in Uppsala, Sweden, by Prof. em. Jan Carlsson and PhD. Maria Lönnberg.

Jan Carlsson is a biochemist and entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in protein separation and immobilization based on many years of academic research at the dept. of chemistry, Uppsala University and as head of explorative research at Pharmacia Diagnostics AB in Uppsala.

Maria Lönnberg is a researcher at Uppsala University with a long experience in immunoassay test development.

We have since 2010 supplied high quality EPO immune purification kits to more than 30 countries around the world. Most of our customers are WADA (World anti-doping agency) accredited laboratories.

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