EPO Antibodies

The mouse monoclonal anti-human Erythropoietin (EPO) antibodies 3F6 (Art. 0070) and 7D3 (Art.0080) from MAIIA Diagnostics are suitable both for highly sensitive immunoassays, as well as for efficient capturing of EPO from biological specimens. These antibodies form a well working sandwich immunoassay pair [Lönnberg et al 2008].

The anti-hEPO antibodies 3F6 and 7D3 reacts with human recombinant epoetin alpha, beta, delta, omega, darbepoetin alpha, Mircera and endogenous EPO. The antibodies were affinity purified from cell culture supernatant of hybridoma cells obtained from mice immunized with recombinant human epoetin alpha.

Lönnberg, M., Drevin, M., Carlsson, J. Journal of Immunological Methods 339(2), 236-244 (2008) Ultra-sensitive immunochromatographic assay for quantitative determination of erythropoietin.

DFU  MSDS Art. 0070  Anti-hEPO 3F6, 1×1 mg    
DFU  MSDS Art. 0080  Anti-hEPO 7D3, 1×1 mg

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