EPO Purification

EPO Purification tools from MAIIA Diagnostics offer a unique system for rapid purification and concentration of endogenous EPO, epoetins, NESP, CERA and EPO-Fc from aqueous media such as urine, serum or plasma as a pre-step for further analysis.

EPO Purification Kit (Art. No. 1390)

Easy-to-use EPO affinity purification tool, intended to be used as a pre-step for analysis with techniques such as isoelectric focusing (IEF), SARCOSYL polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SAR-PAGE) and Membrane Assisted Isoform ImmunoAssay (MAIIA).

The disposable anti-EPO column is immobilized with monoclonal anti-EPO antibody 3F6 which very specifically captures both endogenous and recombinant human EPO. The anti-EPO column has capacity for purifying and concentrating EPO from 20 mL urine, 1 mL serum or plasma to 35-55 µL eluate with high EPO recovery and retained isoform distribution. Several purifications can easily be simultaneously handled if using appropriate vacuum manifold. Desorption is performed by a micro centrifuge. The kit contains reagents sufficient for 25 purifications.

Accessories required to run EPO Purification Kit and provided by MAIIA Diagnostics is Funnel Pack F40, 25 pcs (Art. No. 1340), order separately. Equipments required but not provided by MAIIA Diagnostics are Vacuum manifold with standardized Luer female taper connection, vacuum source and a regulator to provide a steady flow, (e.g. QIAgen Vacuum pump Art. No. 84010/84010 and QIAgen Manifold for processing 1-24 spin columns.)

EPO Purification Gel (Art. No. 1271)

Anti-EPO Gel is intended for rapid purification and concentration of EPO when larger sample volumes with high EPO concentrations are used e.g. in pre-analytical sample preparations. All buffers needed for purification are included in the kit.

  • High capacity, able to purify 100-400 µg EPO depending on EPO variant
  • Rapid purification, flow rate up to 3 mL/min
  • The Anti-EPO Gel is regenerable
  • Custom quantities are available – Inquire for details and pricing

EPO Purification Gel Running Buffers (Art. No. 1300)
Extra buffers for EPO Purification Gel

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